Rhino anti-poaching project:

Students attend an anti-rhino poaching seminar, learning about the challenges and complexities the anti-poaching task force face regarding conservation efforts in the Kruger Park. A field expedition, including a rhino patrol, will be carried out by the students together with expert rangers. Prior to the camp we encourage students to initiate a fundraising event at their school as to donate funds to the anti rhino poaching effort. While on expedition they’ll be learning first hand about the seriousness of this campaign, and exactly what their donation is going towards. Many of our client schools come from Asia, where the demand for rhino horn is at its highest. We aim to inspire our Asian students to become activists, especially when they one day enter positions in industry and government.

Rural school outreach project:

Students visit local schools just outside the park and join existing outreach projects linked to our own camp. They’ll “get their hands dirty” by helping with ongoing community projects according to the schools’ requirements. We communicate with trip leaders beforehand to prepare the students for the exact projects to be undertaken. All projects are authentic service learning to address community needs and we avoid any “token” service. Students have to opportunity to raise funds before the trip to contribute to their school’s project. There will also be opportunity to learn about the training programs that help prepare communities for jobs in conservation and tourism at our camp. This then ties in with the rhino project, as often poachers come from the poor rural communities outside the park. Fostering a passion and desire to conserve and creating opportunities for communities through sustainable tourism is of vital importance. Our aim is for schools to form sustainable partnerships and ongoing relationships with the local community and outreach project.